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Another annual license renewal period ended on June 30th. Of the 10,485 persons holding licenses on this date, 1,309 did not renew for 1970-71 and their licenses automatically expired. These persons should be aware that if they continue to engage in the real estate business, they will be subject to the penalties prescribed by law for engaging in business without a license.

Brokers should check the licenses of all salesmen in their employ to ascertain whether they have renewed their licenses. By employing unlicensed salesmen, brokers subject themselves to having their own licenses suspended.or revoked.

The Licensing Board and staff thank the many licensees who followed renewal instructions and made it possible to efficiently process their applications.

Expired licenses may be reinstated in accordance with the requirements of General Statute 93A-4(c) which provides as follows:

“All licenses reinstated after the expiration date thereof shall be subject to a late filing fee of-five dollars ($5.00) in addition to the required renewal fee. In the event a licensee fails to obtain a reinstatement of such license within twelve months after the expiration date thereof, the Board may, in its discretion, consider such person as not having been previously licensed, and thereby subject to the provisions of this chapter relating to the issuance of an original license, including the examination requirements set forth herein.”

This article came from the June 1970 Vol1-2 edition of the bulletin.