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Administrative Assistant

The Licensing Board takes pleasure in announcing that Blanton Little of Raleigh has been employed as Administrative Assistant to J. F. Schweidler, Secretary-Treasurer of the Board. Mr. Little has recently token early retirement from the Prudential Insurance Company of America after having served the Real Estate Investment Department of that company for a period of twenty-four years in the various capacities of Mortgage Loan Inspector, Mortgage Loan Appraiser, Reviewing Appraiser, Supervising Appraiser, and Senior Appraiser. Mr. Little began his duties with the Licensing Board on September 8.

Mr. Little is a native of North Carolina, having been raised in Albemarle. He graduated from Albemarle High School and from Davidson College, where he majored in Economics and Political Science. He served as a Naval Officer in World War 11.

He is married to the former Lillie Bradshaw of Wilson County, and they have one son, Blanton, Jr.

This article came from the Fall 1970 Vol1-3 edition of the bulletin.