Agent Safety is a Priority!

In the busy world of real estate, where brokers are constantly meeting new clients and showcasing properties, safety is of the utmost importance. While most interactions with clients are positive and exciting, it is essential for real estate brokers to be proactive in protecting themselves against potential threats. Whether meeting clients for a property viewing or hosting an open house, here are some tips for real estate brokers to stay safe:

  1. Meet in a Safe Environment: If you’re meeting with a client for the first time, it is safest to meet somewhere familiar and safe. You can meet at your firm’s office, a busy public place, or with another broker alongside you.
  2. Inform Colleagues or Supervisors: You should always let someone know about your appointments and location, especially when you’re meeting new clients or visiting unfamiliar places. You should also share details like the client’s name, contact information, and the location of the meeting.
  3. Trust Your Instincts: As a real estate broker, your intuition is a valuable tool. If something doesn’t feel right or makes you uncomfortable during an interaction with a client or customer, trust your instincts and proceed with caution. It is better to be cautious than to ignore any red flags.
  4. Use Technology: Use technology to help keep yourself safe such as applications that share your location in real time with trusted contacts or activate emergency alerts if you feel you are in danger.

5. Pre-Plan Escape Routes: Familiarize yourself with the layout of properties you’re showcasing and identify potential escape routes in case of emergency.

6. Stay Informed About Local Safety Risks: Keep up to date about crime trends in the areas you are doing business. Knowledge of potential harm helps you to be proactive and avoid dangerous situations.

7. Create Safety Guidelines: When hosting open houses, create safety guidelines such as requiring visitors to sign in, limiting access to certain areas of the property, and having a colleague or security present.

You can go to to find the Safety Guide under Publications. This guide includes more helpful information to keep you safe and prepared in the event of a dangerous situation.