BICs: Do your licensees have multiple affiliations?

Are you a Broker-in-Charge (BIC)? Do you have affiliated licensees? Have you ever wondered if your licensees have multiple affiliations?

The Broker-in-Charge Login now enables BICs to view all affiliations of the licensees under their supervision. To determine whether or not your affiliated licensees have multiple affiliations, log into your license record on the Commission’s website:

  1. go to;
  2. click on BIC Login;
  3. enter your License number and Pin number;
  4. click on Licensees Under Your Supervision;
  5. review Additional Affiliations column;
  6. click on a licensee with an Additional Affiliation; and
  7. review the Details page.

Additionally, once a licensee has added or removed an affiliation, all BICs for the licensee will receive a notice. This notice will indicate the licensee has made a change to one or more of their affiliations.

For more information, contact the Education and Licensing Division at or 919.875.3700.