If you are a BIC or are BIC-Eligible, you should have recently received an email from the Commission asking for your interest in participating in a focus group or survey about BIC responsibilities. The email reads as follows:

“The Real Estate Commission is studying BIC supervision and responsibilities. We are looking at current requirements for BICs and whether or not those requirements are adequate in this day and time. The study may or may not lead to rule changes in the future related to BIC education, experience, and/or duties.  We are inviting those brokers holding the status of BIC or BIC-eligible to join in this study with us, give us your thoughts and ideas on the subject, and be a part of any potential changes moving forward.  We will hold several 1-hour zoom conferences with various panels of BICs, BIC-eligible brokers, and staff to discuss the issues and whether or not changes are needed. The results will be reported back to the Commission members. If you are interested in participating in a panel, please respond to this email with a simple “yes”. Those of you who respond “yes” will receive an invitation to participate in either a Zoom conference or a brief survey, or both. If you do not wish to participate, there is no need to respond. Thank you for considering this – your input is important.”

If you:

  • are a BIC or are BIC-Eligible,
  • haven’t responded already, and
  • are interested in participating,

find your email, click reply, and respond “Yes.” If you are not interested, no action is necessary and you should not reply.

The email looks like this:

North Carolina Real Estate Commission <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 4:## PM We look forward to hearing from you.