BICAR Improvement Plan

The Commission requires all brokers-in-charge (BICs) to take a Broker-in-Charge Annual Review (BICAR) course, along with the required Update course. This completes the BIC’s annual continuing education (CE) requirement.

At its August meeting, the Commission considered whether to change the requirement to a biennial review, so that BICs could choose an elective every other year, an approach favored by many. Mindful of its goal to provide BICs with timely information critical to their role, the Commission determined to retain the annual requirement, but to make improvements to the course.

The Commission will be convening a focus group to develop its plan for BICAR course improvements.

The group will include BICAR educators and BICs representing sectors of the brokerage industry including:

• Residential brokerage

• Commercial brokerage

• Property management

• Solo practice

• Firms with multiple associates

The Commission may also survey BICs for more input. If you receive a survey, please respond to give the Commission direct feedback about what would be most useful to you as a BIC.

Watch the Commission’s Web site, blog, and social media for further developments.

This article came from the October 2013-Vol44-2 edition of the bulletin.