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Changes You Need To Tell Us About

To assure the accuracy and completeness of your license records with the Real Estate Commission, you must inform the Commission of any changes of specific types of information.

That also includes being certain that your continuing education credits transmitted to the Commission from schools are correct and up-to-date. (Allow up to 15 days after completion of a class for the information to appear on your records.)

Following is a list of the types of changes that must be reported and the individuals and methods required to report the changes:



• Residence – you must report any change in your residence address. You may do so by using the Commission’s website, by calling in, emailing, faxing, or mailing a written note. (You can also change your email address and fax number online.)

• Business – the broker-in-charge must report in writing any change of the business address of an office for which he or she serves as broker-in-charge and include his or her license number.

• Primary office of multi-office firm – the qualifying broker must report in writing any change in the business address of the primary office of a multi-office firm and include his or her license number.


Name Changes

• Individual Name Changes – you must report any change in your name (due to marriage or otherwise) using the “Name Change” form available on the Commission website and mail it in with a $10 fee.

• Firm Name Change – the qualifying brokert must report any change in the name of a firm by returning the license certificate with a $10 fee and copy of the name change amendment from the office of the North Carolina Secretary of State.

This article came from the June 2007-Vol38-1 edition of the bulletin.