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Commission Initiates Audits of Experience

If you advised the Commission that you had the necessary experience in the real estate field to qualify for removal of “provisional” status from your broker license, you may be asked by the Commission to further certify that experience.

When North Carolina changed to a single license system on April 1, 2006, resident salespersons and nonresident salespersons licensed before October 1, 2005 became “provisional brokers”. To remove the “provisional” status from their license, they could either take the 24-hour Broker Transition Course or certify that they had four years of full-time experience within the past six years.

Licensees who certified experience to the Commission are now being audited to verify their experience by listing transactions in which they have participated or having their current and/or former broker(s)-in-charge certify their experience.

If the properly completed form(s) are received in the Commission office by February 6, the Commission will notify the audited licensee by March 1 of the results of their evaluation.

This article came from the January 2008-Vol38-3 edition of the bulletin.