Commission Spotlight: Information Officers

Do you have questions about your responsibilities as a broker? Do you need clarification on one of the Commission’s rules? If so, you may contact the Commission’s Regulatory Affairs Division. When you contact that division, your call will be directed to an Information Officer.

Information Officers field questions about:

  • material facts and disclosure,
  • broker supervision,
  • complaints against brokers,
  • earnest money deposits and due diligence fees, and
  • many other License Law and Commission rule-related issues.

The Commission’s Information Officers are knowledgeable about many aspects of brokerage practice and are experts regarding the Commission’s rules. However, there are some types of questions that they cannot answer, such as questions about compensation disputes between brokers. Also, the Information Officers cannot provide legal advice. When Information Officers are asked questions that are outside of the Commission’s purview, they will provide suggestions as to how / where to find answers.

For more information or to ask a question, contact Regulatory Affairs at or 919-719-9180.