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Compensation Disclosure Advisory Committee to Review Rules

The Commission has approved formation of an Incentive Disclosure Implementation Advisory Committee to examine the Commission’s current compensation disclosure requirements in dual agency transactions.

Eleven voting members will comprise the committee, nine of whom are:

George R. Bell, Winston-Salem; Doneil Croom, Greensboro; Garth K. Dunklin, Charlotte; Kelly Colquette Hanley, Wilmington; J. Malcolm McFaydan, Fayetteville; Monica A. Thibodeau, Duck; Walt Tippett, Raleigh; Grady F. Watkins, Jr. Wilmington; and Harriet Worley, Raleigh.

Commission Chairman Marsha H. Jordan will serve in an ex officio capacity.

The current rule relating to dual agency compensation went into effect October 1, 2008. The primary change was to clarify disclosure requirements relating to third party payments.

This article came from the May 2010-Vol41-1 edition of the bulletin.