Continuing Education: The Clock is Ticking!

Have you taken your continuing education courses yet? Do you know which continuing education courses you need to take?

Rule 58A .1702 requires brokers to complete eight credit hours of real estate continuing education courses within one year prior to the expiration of the license as follows:

  • Four credit hours of elective courses: and
  • Four credit hours of either:
    • the General Update Course;” or
    • for a broker with BIC Eligible status, the “Broker-In-Charge Update Course” in lieu of the “General Update Course.”

In other words, a broker must take the appropriate continuing education course for their license status. For example, a broker must take the BIC Update Course if they hold BIC Eligible status; if a broker does not have BIC Eligible status, they must take the General Update Course. Be aware that a broker with BIC Eligible status who takes the General Update Course and an elective will maintain an active license but will lose BIC Eligible status (and, in turn, BIC designation).

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