Did You Know? Brokers are Requesting Specific Educational Resources

Are you a Broker-in-Charge or Education Director? Do you know what type of educational courses brokers are demanding?

Each license year, the Commission provides a survey to brokers after the completion of their continuing education courses. This survey requests brokers provide suggestions for educational topics they would like incorporated in future continuing education courses. Once Commission staff receives the survey responses, they analyze the suggestions to determine which of the topics can be used to develop Commission courses.

However, sometimes the suggestions fall outside the Commission’s scope of authority or require more time than the Commission’s courses can cover. Therefore, it is a good idea for BICs and Education Providers to review these suggestions to implement training programs or develop courses that meet the educational needs of brokers.

In the Continuing Education Survey for the 2022-2023 license year, brokers are requesting more education in:

  • contract review;
  • negotiation training;
  • the proper handling/negotiating of repair requests;
  • the proper use of forms;
  • comparative market analysis;
  • how/where to search for prelistings;
  • lead generation and marketing tips; and
  • the do’s and don’ts for brokers investing in real estate.

So, if you are a BIC, consider addressing some of these topics during your brokerage meetings and/or trainings. Also, if you are an Education Provider, you may want to explore writing a course on some of these topics and submitting it to the Commission for approval so that you may offer it as a continuing education elective. Keep in mind that not all topics that are of interest to brokers can be approved for CE credit, such as lead generation and marketing.

If you have any questions or comments regarding continuing education requirements and Commission-approved educational courses, you may contact the Education and Licensing Division at 919-875-3700.