Disciplinary Actions

PATRICIA FRITZINGER (GOLDSBORO) – By Consent, the Commission reprimanded Ms. Fritzinger effective September 14, 2021. The Commission found that Ms. Fritzinger acted as the listing agent for residential property. After a buyer terminated their contract to purchase, they shared their home inspection report with Ms. Fritzinger. The owner of the property addressed some, but not all, of the material issues noted on the inspection report. Ms. Fritzinger failed to advise the owner to update the property disclosure form to include items that were not repaired and failed to otherwise disclose the non-repaired items to subsequent buyers prior to offers being made. Ms. Fritzinger did provide the home inspection reports to the subsequent buyers during their due diligence period.

JAMES GARLAND HARRIS III (ROXBORO) – By Consent, the Commission suspended the broker license of Mr. Harris III for a period of 30 Days effective September 10, 2021. The Commission found that Mr. Harris III used an Instagram account that was tied to his real estate business, to comment on an Instagram post unrelated to real estate. Mr. Harris III’s comment was inappropriate and not professional in nature. He has since deleted his comment to the post.

PHILLIP M PRICE (GREENSBORO) – The Commission accepted the voluntary surrender of the broker license of Mr. Price effective September 8, 2021. The Commission dismissed without prejudice allegations that Mr. Price violated provisions of the Real Estate License Law and Commission rules. Mr. Price neither admitted nor denied misconduct.

ODELL WILLIAMSON JR (DURHAM) – By Consent, the Commission suspended the broker license of Mr. Williamson Jr for a period of 36 months effective January 31, 2020. The Commission found that Mr. Williamson Jr acted as the listing agent in a residential purchase transaction. Mr. Williamson Jr failed to provide and review a Working with Real Estate Agents brochure with an unrepresented buyer at first substantial contact. Mr. Williamson Jr acknowledged on the purchase contract that he received the $6,000 due diligence fee from the buyer, however he failed to deliver this check to his seller client. Instead, the check was made out to an unlicensed person who cashed the check, keeping 1/3 of the fee for himself, remitting 1/3 to the seller, and disbursing the remainder to Mr. Williamson Jr. The buyer also entered into a lease, which listed Mr. Williamson Jr’s company as the agent, although rent payments were made to an unlicensed person who never remitted rent proceeds to the seller.