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Don’t Delay Your Postlicensing Education

Provisional brokers need to be more prompt than ever in taking their required postlicensing education. With the sharp decline in license applicants over the past two years, there are substantially fewer provisional brokers needing these courses than in the past. This means that the demand for the courses is much lower and sponsors are not only scheduling fewer course offerings but also are frequently having to cancel scheduled courses due to a lack of sufficient enrollment. Consequently, provisional brokers who wait to take a needed course until 90 days or less prior to their deadline are either having difficulty finding a course or having to travel farther to get a course. If you are a provisional broker, you should arrange to take the course you need at least six months ahead of your deadline. Remember that if you fail to take a required course by the end of the first or second year after licensure, your license will be made inactive, and if you don’t take all required courses by the end of the third year, your license will be canceled.

This article came from the January 2010-Vol40-3 edition of the bulletin.