Education Providers [or EPs], it’s about time for RENEWAL!

Just as qualifying brokers are required to renew their firm licenses, education directors are required to renew their education provider’s certification. However, the certification is just the first part of the renewal process as education providers potentially have several locations and course approvals that must also be renewed.

Starting on May 15th, education directors will first need to complete the Education Director Course as part of the annual education requirement to renew their provider’s certification. Next, they will want to review their Policies & Procedures Disclosure (PPD) to ensure the information contained in it is up-to-date and still accurately reflects the types of education they offer. With these two steps completed, the education director can now login to the EP Dashboard to renew their provider’s certification and attach their updated PPD to the renewal form.

After the certification has been renewed, the next step is to renew any additional branch locations. Then the education director will need to go through and renew each education type their provider offers, whether it is Prelicensing, Postlicensing, and/or Continuing Education. In addition to renewing the type of education, the education director will need to renew each delivery method of each course the provider is approved to offer within that education type, if the education director still wants to offer it.

The biggest difference for the education provider renewal process from other renewals is the lack of a reinstatement period. Failing to renew an education provider’s certification will result in the expiration of that certification, approved locations, and all course approvals. Since there is no reinstatement period, an education director will be required to start over with a new education provider application and then submit course applications for all course approvals to begin offering courses again.

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