Electronic Signatures, Property Management Among 2013-2015 Update Course Topics

The two main topics for the 2014-2015 Update Course for the licensing year beginning July 1 will be (1) electronic signatures and electronic record-keeping, and (2) property management issues.

Specifically addressed in the course will be the requirements and considerations of electronic signatures and how to maintain electronic record-keeping.

Discussion of issues relating to property management will cover:

• Any significant recent revisions to landlord-tenant law;

• Rule A.0109(a) and (b) in connection with kickbacks from service providers or inflated invoices that include a fee for broker;

• The Commission’s position relating to fees to reserve a rental unit pending lease execution; and

• Fair housing relating to requests for accommodations/modifications, what an owner/agent may ask a tenant to verify, and reasonable restrictions.

Other Update Course topics include:

• revised rules and new or revised laws that impact real estate brokerage;

• working with an unrepresented buyer as Seller agent only when the broker’s company has the listing;

• the extent of a broker’s duty to discover and disclose the status of public vs. private streets, challenges with discovery, and related issues;

• consideration of when a broker promotes brokerage services or properties utilizing “social media”;

how to keep a current and active license.

This article came from the February 2014-Vol44-3 edition of the bulletin.