Heed this Advice About Surveys, Titles, and Transaction Planning

Real estate brokers involved in the purchase or sale of property near the NC/SC state line should advise their clients to get a survey, or at least some professional location of their property in relation to the state line, if there is any question at all about whether the property has been affected by the re-survey.

Anyone involved with properties affected by the re-survey should be sure to discuss title issues and the necessary certifications of title in detail with professionals who are knowledgeable about the many legal issues involved in these titles, whether the property is now all in North Carolina or is still partially in South Carolina, or vice versa.

Planning for transactions involving affected properties should take place much farther in advance than usual, as such transactions may require dual title examinations, dual recordings, potential delays and very importantly may affect TRID disclosures.

This article came from the February 2017-Vol47-3 edition of the bulletin.