Help! How do I reinstate my Instructor Approval?

Did you forget to renew your instructor approval before June 30, 2024?  Do you plan to teach Prelicensing, Postlicensing, or the Update course for a certified Education Provider?

If so, you must have an “active” instructor approval. Therefore, in order for the Commission to reinstate your instructor approval that has been expired for less than six months, you must submit the renewal application per Rule 58H .0306(b).

Prior to submitting an electronic application for renewal of approval, as an instructor, you must have completed six hours of an instructor educational program. If you have not yet completed this required education, please view our Guidelines for Instructional Educational Requirement (Form REC 3.78) for a list of options to satisfy this requirement. Once you have completed the required education, you will then need to log in to the Instructor Dashboard to access the renewal application.

Pursuant to subsection(c) of Rule 58A .0306, if an instructor approval has been expired for more than six months, the former instructor shall file an application for original approval pursuant to Rule 58H .0302.

If you have any questions regarding reinstating your instructor approval, please visit the Commission’s website.