Temporary Rules 58G .0104 and .0105 will expire on April 11

The Commission initiated temporary rules 58G .0104 and .0105 during 2020. The two rules provided various education-related waivers and extensions, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both rules will expire on April 11, 2021.

As of April 12, 2021, education providers, Prelicensing students, and licensees will be subject to the standard education and licensing requirements set forth in the law and Commission rules, as follows:

Continuing Education (CE) Deadline: The deadline to complete CE courses for the 2020-21 license year* is June 10, 2021. See Commission rules 58A .1702 and 58H. 0404.

*Not sure which CE courses you need to take? Log into your license record on the Commission’s website to check your CE record.

Prelicensing and Postlicensing End-of-Course Examinations: Closed-book, proctored end-of-course examinations are required in all Prelicensing and Postlicensing courses. See Commission rule 58H .0207.

180-day Examination Eligibility Period: An applicant who is subject to the license examination requirement is granted a 180-day Examination Eligibility period, during which the applicant may schedule and take the license examination with Commission’s examination provider, PSI. An applicant who does not pass the examination during the allotted 180-day period must file another complete license application with the Commission and receive a new Notice of Exam Eligibility before being permitted to schedule another examination attempt with PSI. Note that applicants who are subject to the comprehensive examination are required to pass both sections of the exam during the same 180-day period to be eligible for licensure. See Commission rules 58A .0401 and .0403. Also, a detailed explanation of the examination process is provided on pages 13-25 of Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina.

Postlicensing Education deadline: In order to maintain eligibility for active license status, a provisional broker must complete the 90-hour Postlicensing education program within 18 months of the date of initial licensure. See Commission rule 58A .1902.

For more information regarding education and licensing requirements, contact the Education and Licensing Division at LS@ncrec.gov or 919.875.3700.