Introducing a *NEW* WWREA Disclosure Form – Updated

The Commission is pleased to introduce a new version of the Working with Real Estate Agents (WWREA) disclosure form

The new disclosure form is one page, double-sided, with one side for sellers and one side for buyers.  The Commission believes the new form will be quicker and simpler for brokers to use and easier for buyers and sellers to understand than the current brochure.

The criteria set forth in Rule 58A .0104(c) is not changing.  Per that rule, brokers are required to

  • provide and review the WWREA publication
  • with all prospective buyers and sellers
  • at first substantial contact.

The new disclosure form is now posted on the Commission’s website (see link above), and brokers may begin using it immediately.  All brokers must begin using the new form on July 1, 2021.

 The current brochure has been converted into a Q&A brochure, with expanded content and visual aids. The Commission recommends that brokers continue to provide consumers with a copy of the Q&A brochure along with a copy of the new disclosure form.

Commission staff members will provide a Zoom webinar regarding the new form on Monday, April 26, from 2:00 – 3:30 pm. Connection instructions will be posted on the Commission’s homepage prior to the webinar on the 26th. That webinar will be recorded and subsequently posted on the Commission’s website. Also, a detailed explanation of the new form and a review of Commission rule 58A .0104(c) will be included in the 2021-22 Update course.

Questions about the new form should be directed to Regulatory Affairs at or 919-719-9180.