Introducing: Digital Pocket Cards!

By Diana L. Carnes, Systems Administrator

Tired of keeping up with your paper pocket card? You may now choose to keep a digital pocket card.

In March 2017, the Commission rolled out a redesigned digital pocket card.  Effective immediately, you may choose to either carry a paper pocket card or to store a digital pocket card on your smartphone or other electronic device. There is no fee for the digital pocket card.

You may view, download, or print your digital pocket card at any time by logging in to your online license record. Digital pockets cards for licensed firms may be accessed through the Qualifying Brokers’ online license records.

LICENSE RENEWAL: Brokers who renew their individual or firm licenses between May 15-June 30, 2017, and those who reinstate their licenses online between July 1-December 31, 2017, will receive paper pocket cards. The Commission will not issue paper pocket cards during the 2018-2019 renewal season.

NEW LICENSEES:  Beginning July 1, 2017, paper pocket cards will no longer be issued to newly licensed brokers and firms.  Instead, new licensees will be directed to download digital pocket cards upon issuance of the licenses.  Brokers will still have the ability to request paper pocket cards by completing an online request form and submitting a $5.00 fee.

Whether you choose to use the paper or digital pocket card, remember that Commission Rule 58A .0101 requires you to retain the pocket card as evidence of licensure and be able to produce the card at all times.

This article came from the May 2017-Vol48-1 edition of the bulletin.