How are topics for the Update course selected?

Each year in the fall, the Commission begins its process of selecting topics for the following year’s GENUP-General Update and BICUP-Broker-in-Charge Update courses. 

In October and November, the Commission builds a list of potential topics based on proposed and confirmed law and rule changes, recent complaints and disciplinary actions, suggestions from licensees and Commission Staff, and emerging business trends.  Then, the Commission narrows the list, based on the most pressing issues and educational needs.  The Commission finalizes and votes on the list of topics in their December meeting. 

Between January and May, Commission Staff researches and develops materials based on the Commission’s directives.   Student and instructor materials are created for both courses. 

It’s important to note that License Law and Commission rule changes that will be effective on July 1 (of the same year) are always included in the materials. 

The Update courses are ultimately delivered by approved instructors.  Instructors are not permitted to teach the courses until they have attended an Update Instructor Seminar (UIS), which is a day-long “train-the-trainer” event.  Commission staff offers UIS sessions in late June, so that instructors can begin delivering the courses on July 1. 

Here are a few common questions that brokers ask about the Update course:

  • When should I take an Update course?

Though Commission rules allow you to complete your Update course at any time between July 1 and June 10, you are strongly encouraged to take it as early as possible.  That way, you will be up-to-date on law and rule changes.  

  • I took my Update course in the spring and all of the information was about changes during the previous year.  Why is the material outdated?   

The material is current for the license year in which it is written. However, it may seem outdated to some licensees if they wait to take the course until the later part of the license year or close to the continuing education deadline, because, by that time, the new laws and rules have been in effect since the previous July. 

  • How do I know when an Update course is being offered in my area?

A statewide CE Course Schedule is provided on the Commission’s website.  To search for courses, go to the Commission’s homepage (, click on the Education menu, and select Search CE Course Schedule.  You may search for courses by course title, city, county, sponsor or instructor name, or date range.