License Renewal Begins May 15; Save Time by Renewing Online

Reminder notices from the Real Estate Commission to renew your real estate license will reach you one of two ways: (1) if you elected to receive your Real Estate Bulletin by email, please look in your email “inbox” for your reminder or (2) if you are not receiving your Bulletin electronically, please look for it in your postal mailbox. It benefits you to act immediately when you receive your reminder to avoid a change in your license status on July 1. Simply go to and log into your record to complete the renewal process.

There are two ways to renew your license: 1) for the most efficient way, go to the Commission’s Web site on or after May 15 and log into your record using your personal identification number (PIN). Your PIN has been set as the last four digits of your Social Security number unless you have changed it; or 2) return the blue and white postcard with your check so that it reaches the Commission office prior to the June 30 deadline. Please reference your license number on your check.

The license renewal fee is $45 and may be paid online using Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. You will receive a confirmation of renewal to print when you finish.

While logging in to renew your license, take a moment to review your email address or addresses. NCGS 93A-4(b2) now allows you to designate your email address as PRIVATE, meaning it will not be disseminated to anyone and will be used exclusively for communication from the Commission to you, or PUBLIC, meaning it will be provided upon request to the public, including CE course sponsors and others. You may, of course, provide both a public and private email address. You may make this selection upon logging into your record.

The Commission updates all broker license records on July 1. Your record will be updated to reflect your status as expired if your renewal fee is not received by the deadline. (Because of the records updating procedure and annual maintenance, the Commission’s Web site will be down on July 1 and 2.)

Expired licenses may be reinstated with payment of a $55 fee (this fee includes your $45 license renewal) between July 1 and December 31. Failure to reinstate by December 31 will result in your having to file a new application and fee and obtain a background report. In addition you may be required to take additional education and/or pass the license examination.

You may renew your license even if your continuing education requirements are not complete. Keep in mind, however, that all CE – the mandatory eight hours consisting of the Update Course and one elective – must be completed by June 10 to retain your license on active status. If you have not completed your CE by June 10, your license will be renewed on “inactive” status.

If you are a broker-in-charge or broker-in-charge eligible, in addition to the Update, you must take the Broker-in-Charge Annual Review course by June 10. Otherwise, you will lose your BIC eligibility. Brokers-in-charge are also responsible for ensuring that licensees under their supervision have renewed their licenses and completed the proper continuing education.

Rule A. 0110 requires that a broker-in-charge who loses BIC status or eligibility must 1) first have a license on active status; 2) meet the experience requirements for designation; and 3) take the 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course before re-designation. (This course cannot be used as an elective to meet the requirement for active status.)

This article came from the May 2014-Vol45-1 edition of the bulletin.