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License Renewal Period Begins; Save Time, Renew Online Now

The time has come once again to renew your real estate license for the year beginning July 1. Do it now!

In less time than it takes to read this article, you can renew online at the Commission’s website, Thousands already do, having learned that it’s faster and easier.

Renewal forms have been sent out as of May 13 to the delivery address on record for you. If active, the address is that of your broker-in-charge. If inactive, it is your residence address.

The renewal fee remains at $40 and is the same whether paid by check or online.

If you completed a continuing education course in the last two or three weeks, those credits may not appear on the mailing label of this issue of the Bulletin. If that’s the case, go to the Commission’s website, log on and review your record there. You can also verify your address online and make changes to your residence and email addresses and fax number, if needed.

When renewing your license online, you will receive a confirmation notice that you should print and save in case proof is needed that you completed the payment process before receiving your pocket renewal card. With the confirmation notice, there is no doubt that your renewal has been received by the Commission before the deadline of midnight, June 30.

If reinstatement of a license is required, you should take action as follows:

–Licenses expired for more than six months (i.e., after December 31) require reinstatement through submission of a new application form with a criminal record report. In addition, salespersons must take the pre-license fundamentals course or the license examination and brokers must take the pre-license broker course or the license examination.

–Licenses expired for less than six months (i.e., before December 31) require reinstatement only with the payment of a $55 fee.

This article came from the May 2005-Vol36-1 edition of the bulletin.