License Renewals Begin May 15; Renew Online for Fastest Service

Watch your mail for that familiar blue and white postcard with the Commission seal! That’s your reminder to renew your North Carolina real estate license.

The annual renewal period begins May 15, with online access at the Commission Web site,, available beginning on that date, and ending June 30. Your renewal must be received by the Commission (not just deposited in the mail) by June 30. The fee remains $40, one of the lowest in the nation.

If your renewal is not physically received by June 30, your license status will automatically be changed from active or inactive to expired, effective July 1. You cannot engage in real estate brokerage with an expired license.

Between July 1 and December 31, you may reinstate your license by paying a $55 reinstatement fee. After December 31, a new application, background report and fee are required. You may also be required to take additional education or pass the license examination in order to reinstate.

Keep in mind that this year, June 30 falls on a Saturday. The Commission office will be closed on that date. We will, however, pick up mail at the post office and any renewals from that collection will be considered as having been received by the deadline.

When you renew online – by far, the fastest, most efficient method – log in with your license number and personal identification number (PIN). The last four digits of your Social Security number will be your PIN unless you have changed it.

A confirmation screen appears when you have completed your renewal correctly online. Print it for your records. While online, check your Commission record to update your fax, email and residence addresses, if needed.

You may renew prior to completing your continuing education requirements, however, brokers on active status must complete eight hours of continuing education, including the four-hour Update Course. If you are a broker-in-charge, you must also take the four-hour BICAR Course,  which will serve as your elective. Keep in mind that your continuing education credits for recently completed education may not be reflected in your online record or on the address label of this Bulletin which is prepared as much as two or more weeks in advance of your receipt in the mail.

If you have not completed your continuing education, you must do so by June 10. There are no continuing education classes between June 11 and 30. Brokers-in-charge should be certain that any agents under their supervision have completed their continuing education and renewed their licenses.

This article came from the May 2012-Vol43-1 edition of the bulletin.