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A. P. CARLTON, Greensboro, was appointed to the Licensing Board in 1968 and presently serves as Chairman. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. He is a licensed real estate broker and has been quite active as a Realtor, having served as President, Greensboro Board of Realtors; Director, N. C. Association of Realtors; President, N. C. Real Estate Educational Foundation; and Dean of the Realtors Institute. In 1969, he was chosen Greensboro Realtor of the Year. Mr. Carlton’s business interests include Interstate .Realty, Inc., Carlton-Phillips Insurance Agency, and H.M. & T. Investment Company.

J. BART HALL, Belmont, has been a member of the Licensing Board since 1957 and has served as Board Chairman. After graduating from Davidson College in 1925, he began a banking career in Charlotte. He joined the Belmont Savings and Loan Association in 1932 and has been President since 1954. He has served as Director, United States Savings & Loan League; President, North Carolina Savings & Loan League; President, Belmont Kiwanis Club and President, Belmont Chamber of Commerce and is a Trustee of Gaston College.

W J. TOLIVER DAVIS, Forest City, as appointed to the Licensing Board in 1966 and is a post Chairman. He is a graduate of Wake Forest Low School and practices low in Forest City. During the 1955, 1957, and 1959 sessions, he was a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. He is active in various legal organizations including the N. C. State Bar, N. C. Bar Association, American Bar Association, and the American Trial Lawyer’s Association. Mr. Davis served in the U. S. Navy as a LCDR in the European and Pacific Theatres in WW 11 and was decorated with the Purple Heart and Silver Star citations.

KENNETH R. SMITH, Raleigh, was appointed to the Licensing Board in 1957. He is a past Chairman and presently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. He attended Washington and Lee University. He is a retired fire insurance executive. Prior to his appointment to the Licensing Board, he served as Director of the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad. He has served on many prominent committees including Chairman of the Committee on Rates, Rules and Forms for the N. C. Inspection and Rating Bureau and Executive Committee of the N. C. Fire Insurance Rating Bureau.

JOHN W. OLIVE, Mount Airy, was appointed to the Board in November, 1969. He is a graduate of Duke University and served in the U. S. Army 1942-45. He is actively engaged in real estate development and residential construction. He serves as Executive Vice President of the United Savings and Loan Association with offices in Mount Airy, Elkin, and King. He is affiliated with a number of companies as a Director. He is a licensed real estate broker and is a member of the Surry County Board of Realtors.

This article came from the June 1970 Vol1-2 edition of the bulletin.