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New Q&A Publication on Earnest Money Deposits, Licensing Booklet Divided

Questions and Answers on: Earnest Money Deposits, a new Commission publication, examines issues arising from the payment of earnest money deposits prior to closing a residential real estate sales transaction. The brochure is available for $.25 a copy.

In addition, an existing publication has been divided into two separate booklets.

Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina evolved from the old publication of the same name but with an exclusive focus on the licensing process. It contains the license application form and is free of charge.

North Carolina Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules (also including Trust Account Guidelines and Comments on the Law and Rules) is the remainder of the content that was originally in the licensing publication. This booklet sells for $3.

All Commission publications may be ordered online at the Commission website,, or by mailing or faxing the appropriate publications order form found on pages 6 and 7 as well as online. The text for all publications is available on the website as well, free of charge.

This article came from the February 2003-Vol33-3 edition of the bulletin.