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New System, Bar Code to Reduce Continuing Education Report Errors

To reduce errors in crediting continuing education course completions – errors that most often result from incorrect license numbers being reported by course sponsors – the Commission is introducing a new verification system with schools and a bar code on pocket license renewal cards.

Now, when a sponsor submits a class roster, license numbers and names will be cross-referenced with the Commission’s licensee database before acceptance.If a license number and name does not match the license number and name on Commission records, the roster will be returned to the sponsor for correction and resubmission.

To accomplish this change, rosters will be required to have the licensee’s full legal name as shown on Commission records and the license number will have to match the license number for the name listed.Nicknames and names inconsistent with our records will cause the roster to be rejected.

In addition, to assist sponsors, the Commission will begin bar-coding the pocket renewal card this year with the license number so that a sponsor may scan this information into their records.

While these new procedures should reduce errors, it is important for each licensee to check their continuing education records on the Commission website,, to further ensure accuracy.

This article came from the March 2004-Vol34-3 edition of the bulletin.