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Paper, Pencil Testing to End

The long-familiar paper and pencil method of taking the real estate licensing examination is slated to be retired in March in favor of testing exclusively by computer.

The Commission introduced computerized testing in October of 2000 as an option for license applicants who wanted greater flexibility in scheduling their examinations.The paper and pencil option was retained for those who preferred the traditional format in spite of its far more restrictive testing dates.

Since then, approximately 98% of applicants who must take the licensing examination have consistently elected computerized testing.The Commission offers its computerized licensing examination through PSI Examination Services. Testing is available several times per week at seven different locations in the state as well as at Norfolk , VA.

Subject to final approval of proposed administrative rule changes, the Commission’s traditional paper and pencil licensing examination is scheduled to be offered for the last time on March 27, 2004in Raleigh .Testing by paper and pencil will continue to be available as an option for applicants with disabilities who cannot take the examination on a computer.

This article came from the March 2004-Vol34-3 edition of the bulletin.