Questions and Answers About Forms

By Corean E. Hamlin, Director, Education and Licensing Division

Most NC Real Estate Commission forms concerning license status and affiliation are now web-based forms, or “webforms,” that can be completed and submitted on any desktop or laptop computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. The webforms are designed to be user-friendly and dynamic, gathering only pertinent information and taking only a few minutes to complete.

Following are the three most common questions Commission staff members are asked about forms:

Q:  “I submitted a form and received a confirmation it was submitted, but my license record hasn’t been updated, yet.  What’s happening?”

A: When you submit a webform, you will receive a confirmation that the form was submitted properly and has been received in our system. Even though forms are submitted electronically, most forms are processed by Commission staff members. The amount of time it will take to process your form depends on the type of form and the time of year.  Once your form has been processed, a “Notice of License Record Change” will be sent to you by postal mail or email. If the Commission needs additional information to process the form or if the form is denied, you will be notified in writing either by email or postal mail.

Q: “I submitted a form, but I don’t want it to be processed yet.  Can the Commission hold it for me until a certain date?”

A: When a form is received, it is immediately placed in queue for processing. Commission staff members cannot hold forms.

Q: “Which form should I use?”

A: If you are unsure which form applies to your request or needed record change, please don’t guess. Call or email the Commission office, and one of our License Specialists will help you identify the appropriate form. Submitting the wrong form could result in unwanted changes to your license record, especially if you are a Broker-in-Charge (BIC) or a Qualifying Broker (QB) of an office or firm.

Have other questions or feedback about the Commission’s forms? Feel free to contact our office at 919.875.3700 or

This article came from the February 2018-Vol48-3 edition of the bulletin.