Real Estate Commission Scholarship Winners

Two North Carolina brokers were recently awarded the Phillip T. Fisher Scholarship Award by the Commission. The recipients, each of whom will receive a check for $1000 and a commemorative plaque, are Kathryn W. Diamond, of Clarksville, Virginia, and Quanta Monique Edwards, of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Commission annually awards the Phillip T. Fisher Scholarship to licensees for educational endeavors. Fisher was the Executive Director of the Real Estate Commission from 1981 to 2010.  

To qualify for the award, brokers had to show evidence of attaining various certifications or designations, or an advanced degree in real estate brokerage or a closely related field, during the previous 3 year period. Also, the certifications, designations, and/or degree(s) must have been obtained while the brokers were licensed in North Carolina.

The Commission congratulates both recipients and thanks them for their commitment to education and professional growth.