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Reapplying For Exam Made Simpler, Faster

Beginning January 1, 2003, the Real Estate Commission and its examination services provider, Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI), implemented new simplified reapplication and examination rescheduling procedures for license applicants who are unsuccessful on their license examinations (or who fail to take the examination within their 90-day examination eligibility period).

These new procedures allow unsuccessful examination candidates to electronically refile their applications the day after failing an examination and to simultaneously schedule an examination retake, typically within 2-4 days.

Prior to January 1, 2003, a license applicant who was unsuccessful on his/her license examination was required to file another complete paper license application and application fee with the Commission and wait to receive a notice of examination eligibility before the applicant could contact PSI to schedule and retake the license examination.

Due to the large volume of paper applications from first-time applicants that the Commission also has to process, it had become common for a repeat applicant who promptly filed another paper application with the Commission to have to wait two weeks or more before receiving a notice authorizing him/her to schedule an examination retake with PSI.

This article came from the February 2003-Vol33-3 edition of the bulletin.