Reminder: Have you completed your Postlicensing Education?

Are you a provisional broker? If so, have you completed your 90-hours of Postlicensing education?

A provisional broker must complete all 90 hours of Postlicensing education within 18 months of their initial licensure date pursuant to Commission Rule 58A .1902(b). The initial licensure date is determined by the date the license is issued, whether or not the provisional broker ever activated it. Further, a provisional broker must complete all 3 Postlicensing courses by the deadline to remain eligible for an active NC real estate license.

Postlicensing courses must be completed (including successfully passing the end-of-course examination) within 180 days of enrollment. If a provisional broker purchases a Postlicensing education package (e.g. 3 courses from an Education Provider), the provisional broker should take the end-of-course examination after completing each course. If provisional brokers delay taking the examinations until the completion of all 3 courses, they run the risk of their 180-day courses expiring before all 3 exams can be scheduled or passed.

If all 3 Post courses have not been successfully completed within 18 months of initial licensure, the provisional broker’s license will be placed on inactive status until they have completed the requirements for reactivation of their license. Further, Commission rules do not allow for an extension of time for any reason to complete Postlicensing education.

Do you need to schedule your Postlicensing courses? A list of Education Providers who offer self-paced, distance, in-person, synchronous, or blended delivery Postlicensing courses can be found on the Commission’s website by clicking here. If you have further questions or comments, please contact the Education and Licensing Division at 919.875.3700 or email