Reminder: Protect Yourself Against Scams

Scamming has become more prevalent due to technological advances. Hackers are taking advantage of technology innovations like Artificial Intelligence. So it is extremely important to be cautious prior to disclosing any personal/confidential information.  

Even the most tech savvy individuals can become a victim of fraudulent activity. Use these guidelines to help protect your personal information as well as your client and customer information.

  • Be skeptical of unsolicited emails and messages
    • Be cautious when you get texts or emails from unknown sources, especially if they are asking for personal information, financial details, or to click on suspicious links. Review the email domain to see if there are any misspellings, odd words or letters, or any other unusual parts.
  • Verify websites and check URLs
    • Before entering any personal information or financials on a website, make sure it is secure and legitimate. Check for HTTPS in the URL and look for security certificates. Avoid sites with misspelled URLs or domains that imitate popular brands.
  • Use strong and unique passwords
    • When creating online accounts, avoid using the same password for multiple websites. Consider using a password manager to generate and store complex passwords securely. This is especially important for accounts holding important and private information.
  • Two-Factor Authentication:
    • Whenever it is possible, enable two-factor authentication on your accounts. This adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a second form of verification, like a code sent to your cell phone, or email. This can help prevent unauthorized access even if your password information is compromised.
  • Stay Informed and Educated:
    • Stay updated on common online scams and various techniques used by scammers. Educate yourself, family members, and coworkers about how to recognize scams.

You can stay up to date with various types of popular scams by visiting  You can also find other information there on how to report various scams.