Reminder: Your Email Address is Important!

Did you know that the Commission uses electronic communication to correspond with licensees? Is the correct email address listed in your license record?

Pursuant to Rule 58A .0103(a),

Upon initial licensure, every broker shall notify the Commission of the broker’s current personal name…and email address.

Subsection (b) of Rule 58A .0103 specifies:

Every broker shall notify the Commission in writing of each change of personal name…and email address within 10 days of said change.

Brokers must ensure that the Commission always has the correct email address in their license record. A current email address is imperative because the Commission sends the following correspondence electronically:

  • renewal reminders,
  • notification of license record changes and/or status, and
  • Letters of Inquiry concerning complaints.

Brokers may log-in to their license record at any time to update their information to adhere to Rule 58A .0103.