Renewal Process Changes: Online Renewal Required in 2019

By Corean E. Hamlin, Director of Education and Licensing

Since July 1, 2014, Commission rule 58A .0503 has required brokers to renew their licenses on the Commission’s website or by calling the Commission’s office.   Despite the rule, the Commission has attempted to accommodate brokers who preferred to pay their renewal fees by check.

Effective July 1, 2018, there is no longer an option to renew by phone has been removed.  In addition, checks will no longer be accepted by mail. Going forward, brokers will renew their licenses on the Commission’s website between May 15 and June 30 each year.  Brokers who wish to reinstate their licenses within the first six months of license expiration will also be required to do so electronically.

The Commission eliminated the option to renew by phone for the security of broker information.  Entering payment information on a secure website affords better protection than communicating such information over the phone.

The decision to stop accepting checks resulted from two law changes requiring certain information to be gathered during the renewal process.

First, as required by the NC state legislature in NCGS § 143-765, all applicants for occupational licenses, including license renewal, must disclose any investigations for employee misclassification.  All applicants must certify that they have read and understand a Public Notice Statement from the Employee Classification Section of the State Industrial Commission ( and must disclose any investigations for employee misclassification.  If an applicant does not provide the certification and disclosure, the NC Real Estate Commission is not permitted to process the application or renew the license.   The certification and disclosure have been added into the online renewal program.

Second, Commission rule 58A .0503 now requires Brokers-in-Charge to disclose information regarding trust account(s) and criminal convictions or disciplinary actions.  These questions, too, have been added to the online renewal program.

If you have been in the practice of renewing by phone or sending checks by mail for your renewal fee, please be aware that these options will not be available in 2019.   Online renewal will be required.  Detailed instructions will be provided on the Commission’s website and in the Bulletin to assist you during the renewal period.  Also, Commission Staff will be happy to answer your questions regarding the process by phone (919.875.3700) or in person at the Commission office.

This article came from the October 2018-Vol49-2 edition of the bulletin.