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Renewal Reminder Postcards in Mail – It’s Time to Renew Your License; Deadline June 30 – Renew Online

Watch for your real estate license renewal reminder postcard’s arrival in the mail about the same time as this issue of the Bulletin. It will look just like the one pictured below.

You must renew by Monday, June 30, at 5 p.m. Mailed renewals must be received by the Real Estate Commission (not postmarked) by that date.

To take this annual task off of your “to-do” list quickly, renew online at the Commission’s website, Just login and go to Renew/Reinstate and enter your license number and PIN (personal identification number). Unless you have changed your PIN, it will be the last four digits of your Social Security number.

The process takes about two minutes compared with considerably longer to renew by mail.

Be sure to have your Visa or MasterCard ready to charge the $40 fee. You will receive confirmation that your renewal is being processed by the Commission. While online, update your email, fax and residence address, if needed.

Also, while online, check your continuing education credit information to make sure it has been properly posted. Allow 15 days following your class for any credits to be reflected. If you do not have the required CE credits for the license period when you renew and your license is on active status, your license status will be changed to “inactive” effective July 1.

This article came from the May 2008-Vol39-1 edition of the bulletin.