Safety, Broker-in-Charge Guides Updated

The North Carolina Real Estate Agent Safety Guide and Broker-in-Charge Guide have been revised and updated.

The 20-page Safety Guide is published by the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® and the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Twelve general safety tips offer advice about knowing who you are dealing with, establishing communications with others in the office, creating distress codes, and planning safe open houses. Additional specific tips are provided within each of the general tips.

A section on Office Safety Procedures provides two suggested forms: Agent Personal Information Form and Agent Itinerary Form and identifies additional resources.

The Broker-in-Charge Guide has been updated to reflect new rules effective July 1, 2015, management of teams or entities within entities, forms and other topics.

The 204-page booklet provides essential information for the management of real estate brokerage offices.

The Safety Guide may be obtained at $.25 each and the Broker-in-Charge Guide at $10 each through online ordering from the Publications page of the Commission website, or the mail-in order form in this Bulletin.

This article came from the Feb 2016-Vol46-3 edition of the bulletin.