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Staff Commended for Efforts in Fighting Mortgage Fraud

Senior Auditor/Investigator Gary R. Caddell has received the commendations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Internal Revenue Service for his valuable assistance in investigating a highly profiled mortgage fraud case.

Michael V. Powell, Special Agent in Charge of the Southeast Region of HUD’s Office of Inspector General-Investigations, and Charles E. Hunter, Special Agent in Charge with the Criminal Investigation Section of the IRS, cited Caddell’sassistance in letters to Commission Executive Director Phillip T. Fisher.

The case, according to Agent Powell, “involved a complex money-laundering scheme of over $40 million dollars in fraudulent loans.”

In December, the Commission commended Chief Deputy Legal Counsel Janet Thoren and Chief Auditor/Investigator Mike Gray for the training they have received and expertise acquired in the area of mortgage loan fraud and for their special efforts in addressing this serious threat to the economy of our state and nation.

Thoren and Gray are the Commission staff members most directly involved in assisting other state and federal law enforcement agencies with investigating and prosecuting persons engaged in mortgage fraud.

This article came from the May 2008-Vol39-1 edition of the bulletin.