Tech Corner: Agent Safety

Working in the field of brokerage can be very rewarding; however, brokers must be diligent about maintaining their safety while practicing brokerage activities. This article will provide brokers with some examples of technology that can be instrumental in aiding broker safety.

Wearable Technology

  • Brokers may find it beneficial to wear smartwatches with GPS tracking and emergency alert functionalities so their professional network can be informed of their location and respond immediately when distress is detected.

Communication Applications/Platforms

  • Communication and collaboration platforms can assist brokers with sharing real-time information with other agents and their supervisors. Further, mobile applications with secure messaging, video conferencing, and location sharing capabilities can help ensure that brokers remain safe and receive support if they feel unsafe.


  • Drones that are equipped with cameras and sensors may be useful tools to gather information about a property without exposing agents to potential hazards. Before using drones for properties that don’t belong to you or your client, first become familiar with federal, State and local requirements for, and restrictions on, drone use.

The Commission does not endorse the use of specific technology; however, brokers may conduct research or speak with other professionals to determine what technology, if any, may meet their safety needs. Further, when technology is used appropriately, it can allow brokers to remain connected with their professional networks, which can be vital to helping ensure their safety.

If you would like to read more about agent safety, review this resource entitled, “North Carolina Real Estate Agent Safety Guide.”