Tech Corner: The Technology Behind Telephone Calls at the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

Every day Commission staff receives on average approximately 500 phone calls and 1,000 emails. A majority of the inquiries are requests for information, explanations on processes or forms, and clarification on License Law and Commission rules.

Incoming calls are generally sent to one of two different divisions, either License Services or Regulatory Affairs.

Just over 60 people work at the Commission, and the primary responsibility of many of them is to respond to questions and concerns from brokers. There is a high probability that when you call the Commission you will be routed to the individual who is trained  to deal with your specific issue. This means that you may have to wait only a few minutes for answers to your particular question. Other times, you may be asked to leave your phone number and describe the nature of your question/concern so that a License Specialist or Information Officer may call you back.

Question: Why do I have to provide my license number when I call the Commission?

Answer: You do not have to provide your license number. However, the  Commission has a call tracking system for all calls received including calls from brokers. Providing a license number ensures that Commission staff provide the broker accurate information regarding their particular license record. Otherwise, only general information can be provided and it may not apply to the broker’s particular situation. Additionally, providing a license number ensures that the broker’s name and contact information are accurately recorded for returned calls. Staff will explain the requirements under License Law and Commission rules that brokers must adhere to in an effort to maintain an active license to engage in brokerage activity. Therefore, brokers should not be hesitant to provide their license number.

If you have questions about your license record, you can access your license record here, email, or call Education and Licensing at 919.875.3700.