The 12-hour Broker-in-Charge (BIC) Course is new and improved!

Effective October 2019, the 12-hour BIC course is comprised of two segments, an 8-hour online prerequisite segment and a 4-hour live segment taught by Commission staff.

Brokers will register for both segments of the 12-hour BIC course at the same time, and the registration fee will be $110.   During registration, brokers will choose from a list of available 4-hour sessions, including options for either a live classroom environment in Raleigh or a “live online” environment.   Following registration, a broker will be sent a link to the 8-hour segment.

The 8-hour online segment is a self-paced course, but it must be completed within 30 days of registration.  A broker who has not completed the 8-hour online prerequisite segment will not be permitted entry into the 4-hour live segment.  Both segments of the course must be completed within 120 days of registration.

Brokers who fail to complete both segments of the 12-hour course within a 120-day period will be required to register, pay, and restart the course.

The course will no longer be offered in the traditional 12-hour live classroom format.

For more information about the 12-hour BIC course, go to, click on the Education menu, and select Course Registration.