Topics Set for 2018-19 GENUP, BICUP Courses

The Commission approved topics for the 2018-19 General Update and BIC Update Courses.

Material Fact Issues

Contract Issues

  • Offer and Acceptance
  • Oral Negotiations
  • Emails and Texts
  • Due Diligence Fees and

Earnest Money Deposits

Agency Issues

  • Dual and Designated Agency
  • Attempted Disclaimers of

Listing Agency Responsibilities

  • Oral vs. Written Buyer Agency


Unlicensed Activity

  • Permitted vs. Unlawful Activities

of Unlicensed Assistants in

  • Property Management

License Law and Rules Update

Additional topics to be addressed in the BIC Update Course will include (1) Satellite/Branch Offices; (2) BIC Best Practices; and (3) Escrow Account Reconciliation with emphasis on related property management and commingling issues.

As to all topics except the “Law and Rules Update,” the materials will focus on case studies.

This article came from the February 2018-Vol48-3 edition of the bulletin.