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Website Gets New Look

Turn on your browser and take a tour of, the Commission’s website.  (And, while you’re online, why not renew your license!)

You’ll see a fresh, new design, experience improved ease and speed of navigation and notice the use of the site as an important communications center on matters of current interest to licensees.

A significant change is the use of tabs at the top of each page labeling the major sections of the website: Home (page), About Us, Licensees, Applicants, Consumers, Rules/Laws and Schools. Text explains each section’s content with quick links to frequently accessed material.

Also, no matter where you are on the website, at the top right hand corner of each page above the Real Estate Commission name are the links for “Login”, “Site Map” and “Email”.  Thus, for example, you can reach your records through the “Login” link from any page on the website.

The site’s major sections and the content of each are outlined in a site map accompanying this article. In general, the sectional content is as follows:

Home – Topics of current import fill the center of the page. Commission office address and phone number and a link to a map showing the office location appear in the upper left corner. The Commission meeting calendar appears on the right with a link for more information. Any changes in meeting dates will be communicated here.

About Us – Everything you want to know about the Commission is located here: Members, Mission and Goals, Frequently Asked Questions, Education Programs and Publications and other material.

Licensees – Clicking on this tab leads you to Licensee Records and Searches, Forms, Education Registration and Class Schedules, and Publications. You can login here to renew online, review your continuing education credits, update your records or change your PIN number. There are a dozen forms that can be printed out, completed and mailed in.  Publications will enable you to order the Real Estate Manual, search past Bulletin content, and read and/or print out publications including four in Spanish.

Applicants – Here you’ll find the sections of the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina book including exam schedules, study guide and other topics of interest to individuals considering becoming a licensed salesperson.

Consumers – Publications are repeated here. In addition, licensee searches and various forms are available.

Rules/Laws – Included here are the Real Estate Law, Commission rules, Fair Housing Act, and Trust Account Guidelines.

Schools – The links to Upload CE Rosters and Download Licensing Rosters are here along with forms to order candidate and licensee rosters.

This article came from the June 2002-Vol33-1 edition of the bulletin.