What Was Old Is New Again!

The old Working With Real Estate Agents brochure published by the Commission for the last 25+ years has been renamed and converted into a Q&A format (“Questions and Answers on: WORKING WITH REAL ESTATE AGENTS”) with additional content. It is available on the Commission’s website (ncrec.gov) under “PUBLICATIONS.” Click on “Publications” and then “Q&A Brochures” under “Paid Purchases” to order a printed copy, or “View Online/Download” to view or print a copy. You may order five (5) brochures at no charge or order in bulk for a small fee.

The Q&A brochure’s new content answers questions commonly asked by buyers and sellers and includes the Commission’s commitment to racial equality and Fair Housing, definitions of agency and agency agreements, descriptions of the services brokers provide, the responsibilities of agents to their clients, how brokers are compensated, explanations regarding the expiration and termination of agency agreements, and agency diagrams illustrating four types of agency relationships.

The Commission recommends that brokers give prospective buyers and sellers copies of (or links to) this new Q&A brochure when reviewing the new Working With Real Estate Agents Disclosure form with them at first substantial contact.

This Q&A brochure will be translated into Spanish in the near future and will be available online and in print in the same manner as the English version.