Reminder: Working with Real Estate Agents Disclosure

Commission Rule 58A. 0104(c) states: In every real estate sales transaction, a broker shall, at first substantial contact with a prospective buyer or seller, provide the buyer or seller with a copy of the publication “Working With Real Estate Agents” …(WWREA).

In 2021, the NCREC revised the WWREA Disclosure to be one page, double-sided, with one side for sellers and one side for buyers. The new WWREA Disclosure was designed to be quicker and simpler for brokers to use and easier for buyers and sellers to understand. Additionally, the original brochure was updated and expanded to be available for use in conjunction with the required WWREA Disclosure. The WWREA Disclosure and brochure explain the various types of agency relationships in a clear concise manner, educating the consumer and defining expectations.  The WWREA Disclosure is a broker’s opportunity to discuss and clarify what their agency role may be in the transaction and to start the conversation concerning the contemplated agency status, payment, and future options.