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The Licensing Board is extremely proud to bring you this first issue of the REAL ESTATE BULLETIN which will be published quarterly.

The BULLETIN replaces the Directory which was discontinued during the post year. The Board feels that the BULLETIN will be of greater value and service to licensees than the Directory which was obsolete by the time it was published. An up-to-date roster is now maintained by computer in the Board office.

The BULLETIN will enable the Board to better communicate with licensees and bring them articles relating to the real estate business and information pertaining to the Licensing Law and Rules and Regulations.

We urge that you have your salesmen read the BULLETIN and then keep it in a permanent binder in your office for future reference.

We hope you like this service.

Best wishes.

A. P. Carlton

This article came from the March 1970-Vol1-1 edition of the bulletin.