Disciplinary Actions

WILLIAM NEWTON DEVORE III (Asheville) – By Consent, the Commission reprimanded Mr. Devore effective May 1, 2019, on certain conditions. The Commission found that Mr. Devore, in or around December 15, 2015, was convicted of a Level 5 DWI, which he disclosed on his broker license application. In or around January 10, 2019, Mr. Devore self-reported his second DWI conviction involving an accident in which he damaged another vehicle. He received a sentence of 34 days in jail, which was suspended. Mr. Devore spent 28 days in an in-patient treatment center, and received 18 months of supervised probation and 240 hours of community service. Mr. Devore is prohibited from driving for one year.

OSCAR H. PACE, JR. (Broadway) – By Consent, the Commission reprimanded Mr. Pace effective April 1, 2019. The Commission found that Mr. Pace acted as broker-in-charge from April 11, 2016 to November 8, 2017. From November 2016 through March 2017, Mr. Pace’s employees falsely communicated to their landlord-client that the firm was continuing to accrue charges against a tenant who had vacated the property before lease end and the firm would eventually send the accrued charges to collections. Instead, Mr. Pace’s employees had already refunded the tenant security deposit to the tenant and informed him that he did not have to continue to pay rent.

TRIPP TOWER JR. (Denver) – The Commission accepted the voluntary surrender of Mr. Tower’s license effective April 17, 2019. Mr. Tower cannot reapply for licensure for one year. The Commission dismissed without prejudice allegations that Mr. Tower violated provisions of the Real Estate License Law and Commission rules. Mr. Tower neither admitted nor denied misconduct.