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The salesman’s license now contains the name and business address of the broker with whom the salesman is associated. Upon termination of the broker-salesman association, the license should immediately be returned to the Licensing Board by the broker. The broker should first endorse the back of the license with the date of termination and his signature.

The salesman may then have the license re-issued and transferred to a new broker by filing a license transfer form with a $1.00 duplicate license fee.

The some procedure should be followed for salesmen operating under the old style licenses.

The Board believes this new procedure for handling salesmen licenses will eliminate many of the problems experienced in the post by the failure of brokers and salesmen to notify the Board of employment transfers or terminations.

Licenses of both brokers and salesmen should continue to be prominently displayed in the broker’s place of business. Licenses which have been lost or damaged may be replaced upon application and payment of the $1.00 duplicate license fee.

This article came from the March 1970-Vol1-1 edition of the bulletin.