What Do You Know about Wire Fraud?

Do you know the latest scams used by hackers to conduct wire fraud? Have you or a client been a victim of wire fraud? Would you like to learn more about wire fraud and how to prevent it?

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission, North Carolina Bar Association and Investors Title Insurance Company are collaborating to present a Wire Fraud Conference for attorneys, brokers, and other interested persons in North Carolina this year.

The Wire Fraud Conference will address:

  • common myths about wire fraud,
  • wire fraud prevention tactics, and
  • the liability of brokers and attorneys when wire fraud has occurred.

Brokers will receive four (4) hours of continuing education elective credit if they successfully attend the conference.

If you would like to attend the Wire Fraud Conference, please click here for additional information and conference session dates.

The first session for the Wire Fraud Conference will begin on March 2, 2023. Brokers may register for any session; however, early bird registration ends three (3) weeks prior to any session date.

Would you like to register now? Click here.